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The gender workshop, which takes place annually in conjunction with the conference of the Association for Social Science Research on Japan, has provided a forum for the presentation and discussion of gender-related research (on Japan) since its inception in 1992. Together with its founding duo, Michiko Mae (Düsseldorf) and Ilse Lenz (Bochum), the workshop has subsequently connected researchers of all professional levels, promoted the academic exchange regarding issues of Japanese society, history, culture, politics and economics, and pursued questions about methodologies and theories of gender research.

We aim to create space for new avenues in gender research that treat gender as an indispensable category of analysis, which should, however, never be regarded solely on its own. It is important to continually re-investigate and make visible the multiple interconnections of gender with other dimensions of difference (nation, culture, ethnicity, class, sexuality, disability, physicality, age, language etc.) through (inter)disciplinary approaches. In this sense we also aim for thematic openings which de-essentialise both “gender” as well as “Japan” by increasingly focusing on intersectional questions and on transcultural and transnational contextualisations of Japan in the Asian and global context.

The next Gender Workshop will take place on 14-15 November 2024. As always, it starts on the day prior to the VSJF conference, and, as in the previous year, the venue will be the Japanese-German Center Berlin. Please email your abstract to and by 30 June 2024.

Download the 2024 Gender Workshops Call for Papers here: CfP_Gender Workshop_VSJF_2024

Programs and reports on the workshops held so far can be found here: